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Berry Apple Crisp

I could easily eat a quart of berries in one sitting. I love all kinds of berries and it seems you can always get fresh berries from somewhere. In the fall we make a cranberry apple crisp and this is a spinoff on that recipe except maybe even better. If you’re entertaining you can put this together fairly quickly and it can be cooking while you are getting everything else together. For an extra treat add a scoop of vanilla ice cream!



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The Best Mini Banana Muffins


It’s 2014, and I want to at least start out with a semblance of healthy.  Does replacing sugar with honey qualify? It’s rainy and windy, and I need something fun and semi-sweet. These muffins are the perfect bite size treat. [click to continue…]

Chocolate Roll Cake

This morning, mom and I made my absolute favorite dessert. I have insisted on having it for every birthday and celebration since I was a child! Loosely based on James Beard’s recipe, this chocolate roll cake melts in your mouth with its rich chocolate and smooth homemade whipped cream. An absolute crowd pleaser, made even better by the fact that it is gluten free!

Chocolate Roll Cake

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Apple Crisp

I love apple crisp. When I think of Autumn in New England I think of fresh pumpkin pie, leaves changing color with all those warm beautiful reds and oranges and crispy, tart just picked apples. Produce may be transported everywhere, but they haven’t found a way to reproduce that fresh picked taste. My first cookbook was “Betty Crocker’s Cook Book for Boys and Girls”. I loved their apple crisp. Over the years I’ve added ingredients and changed quantities until I found the perfect crisp for my family. I make a large batch of topping and refrigerate the extra, that way at a minutes notice I can throw together a fruit crisp for company or just a couple of ramekins for the two of us. It’s 90 degrees in Florida, but I found some Macs at the store, made apple crisp and my house smells like heaven.IMG_0120

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