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Mascarpone Stuffed Figs


Fresh figs are in the marketplace again. The most delicious figs are perfectly ripe, juicy figs. Look for plump or slightly wrinkled flesh and the stem should have a soft curve. The bottom of the fig has a small opening called an eye or “ostiole.” A drop of moisture from the eye confirms that the fig will be sweet. I try to avoid figs that are weeping with moisture.

One of my favorite recipes using fresh figs is Mascarpone Stuffed Figs. I first tasted this appetizer at a wedding catered by Claudia Portaro, of Claudia’s Catering Service in Montreal. This is my version. It’s quick, easy and delicious.


Mascarpone Stuffed Figs

6 Fresh Figs (any type of ripe fig will work)
2 ounces of mascarpone cheese
1 teaspoon of honey

Wash the figs and trim the stem.

Whip the mascarpone cheese and honey with a whisk until it is soft and pliable. Fill a piping bag with a very small tip. (I didn’t have a small enough tip, so I filled a plastic baggy and cut the tip. I twisted the bag to move the cheese forward and remove the air bubbles. )

Put the edge of the bag in the eye of the fig and pipe in the mixture until it just starts coming out of the bottom. Can be served whole or sliced in half.

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