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The Best Mini Banana Muffins


It’s 2014, and I want to at least start out with a semblance of healthy.  Does replacing sugar with honey qualify? It’s rainy and windy, and I need something fun and semi-sweet. These muffins are the perfect bite size treat. [click to continue…]

Roasted Jalapeño and Tomatillo Guacamole on Brown Rice Tortilla Chips

I am obsessed with avocados! They are one of my favorite foods in the world. Yesterday, I wanted to make a snack to enjoy while I watched my beloved Nittany Lions. I make guacamole all the time, so I decided to spice it up a little. Roasting the tomatillo and jalapeño gives this guacamole a smoky flavor! Enjoy :)

Roasted Jalapeño and Tomatillo Guacamole

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Slow Roasted Oven Dried Tomatoes

Slow roasted oven dried tomatoes are so fragrant and flavorful. If your tomatoes are just starting to go soft you can roast them and they have a whole new life. You’ll love this recipe because you can put the tomatoes in a small container, pour some olive oil on top and keep them in your refrigerator. I’ve followed this with a post using the slow roasted oven dried tomatoes in an orzo salad.
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Guacamole Peppers

Guacamole is one of our absolute favorite snacks. We are always searching for new ways to enjoy it, whether we eat it on chips or rice crackers or right from the spoon! Guacamole peppers are the new favorite, they contain all the delicious guacamole flavor with a nice flavorful crunch created by the pepper. If you are looking for a low calorie way to eat guacamole or a just a new way to serve the snack guacamole peppers are perfect for you!

 Guacamole Peppers

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Roasted Spicy Chickpeas

I am always hungry, and I mean always. The hardest part for me is satisfying my stomach with something that is healthy, tasty, and nutritious. Yesterday, finding absolutely nothing appealing in my cabinets I decided to try to roast some chickpeas. Granted this is not a quick snack to make, I did a lot of snacking on the chickpeas before and while they were roasting! Throughout the whole process they were wonderful, and today as I finish the batch I could not be happier! They are spicy, crunchy and are managing to fill me up!

If you can manage to not eat them all as soon as they leave the oven, they make a great addition to any salad! They act almost as croutons adding a tasty bite!

roasted chickpeas
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