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Crunchy Gluten Free Granola


I love breakfast, but these days I find myself in a rush every morning and breakfast unfortunately is the least of my concerns. That does not change the fact that I need a healthy breakfast to keep motivated throughout the day. This crunchy granola recipe enables me to do just that. You can make a large batch on Sunday and then eat it with dried fruit and yogurt throughout the week for a delicious protein packed meal!

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Apple Rum Squares


Anything baked with rum is so delicious and anything baked with apples is a winner; combined, the two are heaven on a plate.

Generally, when I use apples in any kind of cooking, sweet or savory, I like to mix different types. The flavor becomes deeper and more complex.  The exception would be in a dessert when I want the apples to retain their shape, such as in an apple tart.  I would then use golden delicious.

My sister’s mother-in-law, Katherine Kaneb, was a great baker. (Can we come up with a name for an almost mother-in-law status for people we love and are close to and who have been fixtures in our lives? I am taking suggestions.) With five children and a yard full of apple trees, she did a lot of baking. This was originally one of her recipes, which I have adapted.  These squares are so quick and easy to make and and their soft and chewy taste is a winner. [click to continue…]

Grilled Stickies

Grilled Stickies Recipe

The great debate – cinnamon rolls or sticky buns. My choice had always been cinnamon rolls. Especially, my friend Barb’s recipe that creates cinnamon rolls with soft, rich melt in your mouth goodness. She always said the mixer practically made them for you.

In my late twenties I started traveling to Pennsylvania to visit family, which continued over the years especially when Stefanie decided to attend Penn State. On one of my first trips, I tasted and fell in love with sticky buns, particularly grilled stickies. Instead of toast or pancakes with your eggs, diners and Mom and Pop restaurants in PA give you sticky buns. And the best ones of all come from Ye Olde College Diner in State College. After football, they are Penn State’s claim to fame. Some nights you dream of them, grilled till the edges caramelize.

The diner ships them but I realized my cinnamon rolls recipe (actually Barb’s cinnamon roll recipe) translates into stickies that when grilled are almost as good. The best part of all, cook up a batch, split them up and wrap them in plastic wrap and freeze them. Defrost, grill them in a cast iron pan and you have heaven on a dish.

This recipe has egg and milk in it but I have also developed an eggless, milk-less recipe that uses vegetable shortening, if you want it please email us and we’ll send you that one.

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English Muffins


Years ago my friend Carol Flynn introduced me to her homemade English Muffins. Filled with nooks and crannies, it’s hard to stop eating them. Not only are they great for breakfast, but they also make the best cheeseburger buns and delicious garlic bread. The dough comes together very quickly. Cooked on a griddle over low heat they need minimal attention. They are so easy to make they may become a weekly habit. [click to continue…]

The Best Mini Banana Muffins


It’s 2014, and I want to at least start out with a semblance of healthy.  Does replacing sugar with honey qualify? It’s rainy and windy, and I need something fun and semi-sweet. These muffins are the perfect bite size treat. [click to continue…]

Sweet Potato Pancakes

I bought the most beautiful Japanese sweet potatoes from the local farmers market. I love all sweet potatoes with their nice sweet flavor. This was my first time cooking with Japanese sweet potatoes and I was fascinated by the differences. Japanese sweet potatoes have almost a white center, they are stiffer than normal potatoes, and when I began to boil them they discolored a little. I also found that they have a more delicate sweetness.

This recipe is a very cool way to expose the sweet potato flavor, whether you are using normal sweet potatoes or Japanese sweet potatoes. They are light, fluffy, and full of flavor! Every bite is a party in your mouth!


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Poached Egg on a Shaved Fennel and Arugula Salad

I love breakfast! It is favorite meal of the day, I love drinking a piping hot cup of black coffee, settling down with the paper, and enjoying a meal! This salad is one of my favorite breakfast treats. The combination of the leafy greens, crunchy fennel, and smooth runny yolk is to die for.

This morning I was lucky enough to enjoy this yummy breakfast, while my mom enjoyed it in Florida for lunch! I hope you enjoy!


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Potato Galette with an Egg on Top

When I was in cooking school Chef Chambrette made this fabulous breakfast for me. It’s become my go to breakfast when I want something a little bit prettier.

Potato with an egg

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