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We are a mother-daughter cooking team and we bring our hearts and laughter into kitchen when we cook together. We locally source as many our ingredients as possible. Currently, we are separated by 3,000 miles. Using technology, we get to share our kitchens and create wonderful meals together. Join Us!



I love food and I ‘m endlessly fascinated looking at every aspect of what other cooks do. I am open to learning from everybody and everything. I come from a family of good cooks. One of my grandmothers had such a passion for cooking that she bought a wood stove for her basement and she baked bread in it every week. I can still smell the heavenly aromas and taste the fresh butter dab that would instantly melt into   the bread’s yeasty warmth.

I trained in Paris at La Varenne, Ecole de Cuisine and while earning the Grand Diplome, I apprenticed at La Tour D’Argent, Chiberta and Dodin Bouffant. I’ve catered and worked at my craft in New York City and Connecticut.

I have two wonderful daughters, Cristina and Stefanie. Some of our best times are spent cooking, laughing and eating together. The man in my life, my husband Rick, shares my love of good food and a passion for golf. We live and play in the Sunshine State and we were lucky to land in a terrific community where the men and women all enjoy entertaining and cooking together.  Life is fun, my food philosophy is simple, easy, delicious.




My name is Stefanie and I have recently moved to the bay area in California. Cooking is my escape from daily pressures into the land of anywhere my imagination and palate takes me.

While getting my law degree I worked at a restaurant in Williamsburg, Virginia and realized food would always have to have a major part in my life.

Some things in life you just have to be passionate about. Even with all the hoopla, Penn State football is one of those. And Food, well food has always been a passion of mine. While other kids were making mud pies I was creating super bowl cakes complete with yardage markers piped on the field.

My sister/roommate/best friend is getting her degree at UC Berkeley. While she’s hard at work on papers, I’m coming home and making us mini feasts. Good music, great food, a glass of wine and if we’re lucky family and friends to share them with.



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